The Curators Theatre presents

The Revolutionists - Lauren Gunderson - The Curators Theatre March 2 - 26
The Revolutionists - Lauren Gunderson - The Curators Theatre March 2 - 26



The Curators presents its marvelous first offering for 2021, the Australian Premiere of the American hit comedy, The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson. Performed to universal acclaim across the United States, and offering a biting political commentary of our times, The Revolutionists is a stirring, funny, brilliant evocation of courage and the strength born of sisterhood.

From Tuesday 2 – Friday 26 March 2021, this delicious play will debut in Brisbane’s newest, independent performance venue, CHRIST CHURCH, Milton, right next to Suncorp Stadium.

Set against the shadow of Madame Guillotine during The Reign of Terror in revolutionary Paris, 1793, four  incredible women – all based in historical fact and all doomed - have a fictitious meeting that is hilarious, moving and fateful.

Into the studio of forgotten French playwright, philosopher and feminist advocate, Olympe de Gouges, wafts the glittering, vivacious but confused Marie Antoinette. How could France have got her so wrong? The tragic Charlotte Corday stops by – dagger in hand – on her way to assassinate that monster of the Revolution, Jean-Paul Marat, in his bathtub. You stick it to him, girl! Into this unlikely mix steps Marianne, a runaway French Caribbean slave who is intimately acquainted with the forces of oppression. Grounded, wise and determined, she understands exactly what she’s up against!

This unlikely trio challenge the paralysing fear at the heart of de Gouges’ writer’s block and help her give voice to the hope that, amidst one of the greatest social upheavals the world has known, there is room to also give women liberté and egalité; to make women truly the equals of their male compatriots. In so doing, she speaks to issues that are vital, relevant and still so often unresolved for women across the globe in our 21st century world.

Infused with live song, exquisite haute couture-inspired period costumes and a set that echoes Paris Fashion Week, this production of The Revolutionists promises to be an unforgettable night of lush, bold, bolshie theatre.

Directed and designed by Curators’ founder, Michael Beh (Third Beauty, Ghosts, Vincent River) and featuring Curators’ ensemble members: Lisa Hickey (Ghosts), Amanda McErlean (Vincent River) and Lauren Roche (Ghosts) as well as Curators’ guest artist, Asabi Goodman (Harrow), The Revolutionists is an international hit show, not to be missed!

sparkling, socially driven art
Houston Chronicle


Marianne Angelle

Asabi Goodman

Olympe de Gouges

Lisa Hickey

Marie Antoinette

Amanda McErlean

Charlotte Corday

Lauren Roche




Michael Beh

Set / Costume Designer

Michael Beh

LX Designer / Assist Set Designer

Beth Scott

Sound Designer / Song Arranger

Paul C McD

Costume Realiser

Jan Mandrusiak


Helen Strube

Production & Venue Manager

Libby Wherrett


Stage Manager

Sarah O’Neill

Arts in Education Facilitator

Helen Strube


Peter Crees


Naz Mulla


Wayne McPhee


Gregg Goriss


Michael Beh, Helen Strube, Libby Wherrett, Amanda McErlean, Lisa Hickey



The entire team at Milton Auchenflower Anglican Parish.
Our incredible FOH Volunteers.
George O’Farrell

a sassy, hold-on-to-your-seats theatrical adventure
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2 - 26 March
9 Chippendall St
Milton, Qld

Suitable ages 14+
Some mild coarse language.
Some spoken references to violence.

an astoundingly accomplished show
The Atlanta Journal