A seering portrayal of heartbreak, intimacy and shattered dreams.



A new work by Amanda McErlean and Michael Beh presented in association with Amanda McErlean and The Anywhere Theatre Festival 2018.

Be more than the voyeur.

This site-specific, one woman show is a haunting look into a life that is slashed wide open.

Be drawn into her tumultuous mind as she is catapulted through nightly rituals by an unstoppable playlist, as if in an unsung tragic opera. Haute couture has never been so appealing.

We laugh, we cry, we drink, we dance a little.

Tonight is not a night like all the others.
Tonight she will be turned inside out.
Tonight see her as she really is.

She never utters a word, until...


Amanda McErlean


Penny Everingham



Michael Beh


Peter Crees

Sound Designer

Mark Richardson

Stage Manager

Helen Thompson

Venue Manager

Design Bordello

Marketing Design

Daniel Jess

PR Representative

Helen Strube

Artistic Associate



Director's Note


Definition of 'quighting':  to depart from | an 18thcentury word for quit

Opening a Conversation | Loneliness

Welcome to tonight's performance of THE QUIGHTING TIME, a new work that is specifically designed to open up the possiblility of a conversation about loneliness in our lives.  Statistics are horrorifying about how many people now live alone in western society, and that in times of genuine need, how many people have very few family or friends to turn to for help.  This issue is exemplified by Simone.  She is a woman alone, living in a tower – stranded and bereft.

In creating Simone's story, we have reached back into elements of our own shared experiences.  But we have extended and dramatised them.  We have taken them from the natural into a world that is heightened, symbolist and expressionistic, where movement creates an evocative landscape through which we view Simone's action.  We have chosen memorable music to augment the hum drum sequence of events in this night's journey contrapuntally presented with the words of great poetry by Dickinson, Tennyson and Shakespeare.  We have made artistic choices to communicate Simone's pain and internal turmoil.  

In making THE QUIGHTING TIME we have been very concerned with the nature of our protagonist's experience and why she has made the choice that she does.  By presenting this, we do not endorse or recommend her course of action. In fact, as artists, we have discussed this repeatedly, and considered other paths she might have taken.  But Simone's path is one that is sadly often evidenced in society and for that reason we have not strayed from it.  If you feel at all effected by her journey, please do not hesitate in seeking assistance from a mental health professional or organisations such as Lifeline or Beyond Blue.  Yours in theatre...

Michael Beh

A riveting, thought provoking, unique theatre experience.

Photography by Krystal Beazley l Nahkana - Creative Art and Imagery

Photography by Stuart Hirth

Excerpts from Voice Overs


Emily Dickinson #1732
My life closed twice before its close;
It yet remains to see
If Immortality unveil -
A third event to me,
So huge, so hopeless to conceive,
As these that twice befell.
Parting is all we know of heaven,
And all we need of hell.

Shakespeare Sonnet #134
Him have I lost; thoughhast both him and me
He pays the whole, and yet I am not free.

Tennyson, Lady of Shalott
Out flew the web and floated wide,
the mirror crack'd from side to side,
“the curse is come upon me”
cried The Lady of Shalott.

Audience Comments


"It moved me to tears."
"It's about the struggles that all women face."
"It reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale".
"It scared me a little. I hope I don't become like that".

...a modern performance packed with laugh-out-loud and emotionally-charged moments.