The Third Beauty - The Curators - Brisbane Theatre

The debut production of THE THIRD BEAUTY is a world-first spectacular revisioning of Shakespeare's great female characters, performed in the gothic wonderland of the Spring Hill Reservoir from October 5 for 3 weeks only. 

Staged by critically acclaimed, Brisbane independent theatre company, THE CURATORS, this late night pop-up theatre extravaganza is a promenade, Shakespeare mashup where Ophelia runs amuck, Lady Macbeth goes head to head with Juliet, Queen Margaret and Gertrude out-queen each other, Rosalind hosts a dating game show between Viola and Olivia, Portia shoots from the hip, Titania turns Helena and Hermia into faerie slaves, Cleopatra reigns supreme and The Witches run rampant.

This bold new work, adapted and directed by internationally trained, local director, Michael Beh, uses the language of Shakespeare's women to reimagine some of the greatest characters ever performed on the world stage. The Nurse, Katherine, Beatrice, Miranda, Desdemona and Tamara round out this hurly burly of action. And the audience are right in the middle of it, following the characters through the labrinthian, gothic space of the Spring Hill Reservoir.

Featuring veteran of the Australian stage and screen, Warwick Comber, and two of Brisbane's most exciting emerging artists, Patrick Shearer and Andrew Fraser, Gloriana is brought back to life to honour women and celebrate the feminine within. 

Join THE CURATORS and step back into the shadows of the exotic world of the Jacobean theatre, where we play with the memories of light, aroma, period costuming and live music to fuse the past and the present.


Unfortunately due to the heritage nature of the venue, their is no wheelchair access. 



Blue Mage Warwick Comber
Gold Mage Andrew Fraser
Pink Mage Patrick Shearer
Angel Gene Banyard
Angel Laura Bissell
Angel Cullen Trotter



Director & Script Adapter Michael Beh
Production Designer Michael Beh
Costume Co-Designer & Realiser Jan Mandrusiak
Sound Designer Peter Crees
Stage Manager Reanne Duffy
Artistic Associate Helen Strube
Web Design & Ticketing Peter Crees
Videographer Calum Johnston
Photographer Leesa Dexter
Lighting Rigger Jason Harding



We would like to thank to following theatre makers for their participation in our Creative Development process:

Assistant Director Aidan Rowlingson
Assistant Stage Manager Chelsea O'Brien
Dramaturgical Adviser Victoria Bladen



heartBeast Management Team, Magda Community Artz, House of Priscilla, Behind the Scenes, Penny Everingham, Joseph Burns.,

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