Super Tickets

...For when you want to be right in the heart of the action!


The Curators’ Theatre is delighted to offer our committed supporters a sparkling opportunity to express their generosity by joining our jewel-encrusted "DEVOTEE" patron program!

Our three-tiered, little-gem-of-an-offer lets you purchase a TCT Super Ticket, which includes either one, two or three tickets for the current show, and a package of benefits.

As Brisbane’s bold, boutique, independent theatre, TCT needs your help. Your support will aid our creatives who are working for reduced capacity audiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also assist TCT in developing our incredible, new venue here at Milton’s Christ Church, and in putting together a very exciting program for 2021. 

Super Ticket Tiers
The Cost To You
Super Ticket Tiers



  • 1 adult ticket
  •  preferential seating
  •  name on the website and program
  •  signed cast photo of appreciation



  • 2 adult tickets
  •  preferential seating
  •  name on the website and program
  •  signed cast photo of appreciation



  • 3 adult tickets
  •  preferential seating
  •  name on the website and program
  •  signed cast photo of appreciation
  • invitation to a special Curators’ Coffee Klatch
    with a clutch of production creatives


TCT currently does not receive any form of government or private philanthropic funding and relies entirely on ticket sales for its income. By purchasing a TCT Super Ticket you are also making a donation to The Curators’ Theatre.  For this reason, TCT Super Tickets are not tax-deductible.  



...Devotees, Dignity and Development!

The Curators’ Theatre does not have DGR status and therefore donations are not tax deductible.

From loose change to big dollars, donations to The Curators’ Theatre automatically make you one of our cherished DEVOTEES, enabling our continued development.  

We realise that life has been difficult for many people during the Covid-19 pandemic, but arts workers have particularly suffered through the enforced closure of all theatres, leaving many entirely unemployed.

You can help bring dignity back.

We will - with gratitude - list all of our donors both in our show programs and on our website’s TCT DEVOTEE DOOR – a door that symbolises your gift of giving and our online acknowledgement that your generosity does indeed ‘open doors’ for The Curators’ Theatre and our community.

Our DEVOTEE Program has several donation levels and you can choose to be publicly acknowledged or to remain anonymous. Either way, you will be helping TCT build a stronger, more creative and caring community and a hub for the support of independent theatre and creatives in South East Queensland.

Some examples of how your donated DEVOTEE dollars could be spent:

$20  – NO GAFF! Covers the cost of a roll of gaff tape to keep the show together.

$49  - TO MEAA WITH LOVE! Enables us to maintain Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and the Actors’ Benevolent Fund industry-rate tickets.

$98  -  THE GENEROSITY CLUB! Helps offset the cost of providing people in need with a TCT experience.              

$245  - YOU CAN START THE MUSIC! Subsidises the rights to fifteen pieces of music in a TCT production.

$490 -  TRAIN UP! Supports a Voice, Stage Combat or Intimacy Training Session for TCT artists.

Our wider philanthropic family plays a vital role in what we do. If you share our passion for community - and believe that participating in the arts makes it a better one - please make a donation now!

* All donations are channelled into the areas of greatest need in the company at the time, as determined by the TCT Core Creative Committee.