Some feedback from past ARC workshop participants.

ARC Adult Acting Classes - The Curators Brisbane - Cullen TrotterCullen TrotterARC Foundations

“The ARC Program is a must for anyone looking for a safe environment to hone there craft. It really gave me the chance to explore my range as an individual who is relatively new to acting. With coaching from Michael I was able to explore avenues I’d never previously thought to explore. I would highly recommend these workshops for anyone wishing to further refine their craft.” 

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsSteph KolyvasARC Seniors

“Michael’s classes are a great opportunity for both the experienced and inexperienced. His wisdom and knowledge are endless and passion overflowing, opening our minds to the various ways of portraying a character and teaching us to trust ourselves. This is an exciting way to meet new people and have fun.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsTom CoyleARC Extension

“Michael’s approach, which draws on a deep understanding of Stanislavsky, is combined with his ability to identify the needs, strengths and fears of each student. I left every lesson feeling thoroughly challenged, but with a clear understanding of what I needed to work on.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsLeila DavisARC Foundations

“Michael opens a magical door to a rich world of fantasy, storytelling and emotion. You will find your voice and yourself, and come back to life! This is a powerful and fun way to build confidence, express yourself and make connection with others. I highly recommend it!”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsTammy TresillianARC Extension

“Like all the great acting teachers, Michael strikes the perfect balance between supporting and nurturing the actor, and encouraging them to strive for their greatest performance potential. His knowledge of the craft and passion for bringing out the best in performers of all levels is exceptional. Actors at all career stages would benefit from his fantastic classes.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsReuben AionoARC Foundations

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to enroll in The ARC Foundations Workshops with Micheal Beh. It was such a pleasure to be around someone as talented and experienced as Micheal and also be surrounded by some amazing like minded people from all walks of life on the same journey which made it a lot easier to face.  It has been invaluable to me in life as well as in casting.  I can’t recommend this enough.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsPatrick ShearerARC Extension

“The ARC Acting Program is a fantastic way to connect with yourself and other actors. I was able to rediscover some of the training I had neglected, as well as learn new techniques that are helping me in my career.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsSuze HarpurARC Foundations

“Michael Beh has a passion for theatre that is infectious. He brings an energy to his acting classes that leaves you wanting more. His ability to make you strive, learn, explore and engage appears effortless. The classes are conducted in a safe, nurturing environment and open to all. I cannot recommend them enough.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsJudi YoungARC Extension

“I am truly grateful for the lessons learned in the ARC Extension classes which are run by the hugely talented Micheal Beh. I am a lot more confident in my ability, with both my acting and audition techniques improving immeasurably. I highly recommend Michael's classes to those wishing to take their craft to the next level. Thank you, Michael!”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsIda ConteARC Seniors

“Michael Beh is a wealth of knowledge. His passion, expertise and love of acting is reflected in his teachings. The classes are conducted in a fun, relaxed environment, filled with friendship and camaraderie. I have gained more confidence, improved my English and really enhanced my acting skills. This has been so useful in my auditions for recent television roles. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the ARC Acting Program and I highly recommend it!”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsElizabeth WherrettARC Extension

“I enrolled in the ARC classes after a long period away from theatre. I loved it! Michael drilled us in script analysis and used a wide range of techniques to get us to immerse ourselves in our characters. We worked with great stage and film scripts, including “Angels in America”, “Thelma and Louise” as well as  Ibsen and Tennessee Williams. I’d recommend the classes for anyone finding their way back in to acting or wanting to extend their work.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsRachel HuntARC Extension

“I attended the ARC Extension course last year, run by the inimitable Michael Beh & thoroughly enjoyed both the content & delivery. Michael always goes above and beyond what is expected of a teacher. It was challenging, intense, wide ranging and thought provoking and left me hungry for more. I look forward to tipping myself further over the theatrical edge.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsRoy NunnARC Foundations

“I have found the ARC workshops extremely helpful in furthering my acting career. The insightful work on character analysis and stage presence in particular have opened my eyes to the detail required for a satisfying performance, really helping me develop my skills as an actor. As a result I have committed to the ARC Extension Program in 2019.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsChristine WorrellARC Foundations

“With voice and movement we arrive
Showing little form or grasp
Then patiently prosed, poised, prepared and prompted
Michael takes us all to task.

I await this man's challenges for me in 2019. Join us! Have fun while learning about the most important person in your life.  Yourself. Thank you Michael.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsJackie WileyARC Foundations

“Michael Beh's classes are simply wonderful. He has a wonderful way of stimulating individual personal growth within a group setting. I'm learning how to find the truth of a character inside myself and I've also opened the door to me being more honest with myself. I cannot recommend the ARC Program enough.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsGene BanyardARC Extension

“I attended Michael Beh's ARC Extension acting class in 2018 and I could not recommend it highly enough. I love to breakdown a good script, to analyse any given role and create a character that is three dimensional and believable. ARC Extension allows you to do this because Michael Beh guides you firmly and with love through the character creation process. There are no easy options, no lazy benefits to Michael's process which I appreciated no-end because the skills, knowledge and performance experience gained within his ARC Extension course, is second to none for any aspiring actor and lover of the craft.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsMark JonesARC Foundations

“I originally signed on to the ARC Workshops to get better at performing - especially as a player for Brisbane Playback Theatre. I achieved that and a lot more. I’ve gained a knowledge of theatre terms and conventions. I’ve gained an appreciation of some of the great masters, from Stanislasvski to Shakespeare. I’ve learnt how to look at dramatic text to determine what lies beneath, I’ve learnt to work better with other performers, and most of all found the joy and fun of learning about acting.
The trainer, Michael Beh, comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and success in theatre production. Michael’s greatest genius is finding the needs of his participants and tailoring the program to suit. My performances have now dramatically improved (pun intended). I and others find myself more creative, more responsive, more confident and a better team player. ”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsJill GriffithsARC Foundations

“After enrolling in ARC Foundation Workshops last year I soon discovered the ability to access and extend my inner self to a level of potential that outweighed my former expectations. Acting learned the right way forces the brain to use sections of the mind to express what has been suggested to you as an actor in creative and profound ways. The ARC Workshops teach how each facet of acting can produce an outstanding outcome; one in which the performer unlocks and in so doing, brings a multitude of abilities to the table.
Acting done safely brings story to life's events, whether in truth or in fiction.  The text, the material, the environment in which you draw those ideas is testament to how your own effectiveness can be played out on stage.  ARC Foundations are wonderful thought provoking workshops.  As a trained singer, they have extended me, challenged me, entertained me and given me great joy as I reinvigorate my craft as a performer.”

ARC Adult Acting Classes - TestimonialsChelsea O'BrienARC Extension

"The ARC Acting Program provides a wonderful opportunity for actors to develop their craft and network with the Brisbane Industry. Joining Michael’s class was a game-changer for a young actress like me; I was finally given a place where I could work on strong female roles and incredibly juicy text! Under Michael’s direction I felt constantly challenged yet capable and my craft benefitted enormously. Michael’s connections to the Brisbane Industry also opened up many doors. After performing at an Extension Workshop Showcase, I received offers from agents and signed with one!"