Acknowledgement of Country

The Curators’ Theatre acknowledge the country on which we work, a place of age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. We acknowledge the traditional custodians and caretakers of this land, the Turrbal and Jagera people as the first Australians, and pay respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging. We honour all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and express gratitude to the artists, storytellers, painters, weavers, dancers and musicians of this ancient culture who have, through their endurance and creativity, inspired us.


Diversity Statement

At TCT, we value individual differences. Diversity is about learning from each other regardless of our cultural background and bringing those differences into the creative space to broaden experiences, understanding and knowledge. When diversity flourishes, true transformation can happen. 

For us, creativity and artistry thrive on diversity and inclusivity; hearing each others’ stories, respecting each others’ different pathways, celebrating the unique qualities of each person regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, personality, age, education and background. We applaud and embrace our many different pathways through life and recognise that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to bringing people together.

The Revolutionists - Lauren Gunderson - The Curators Theatre March 2 - 26
The Revolutionists - Lauren Gunderson - The Curators Theatre March 2 - 26






Since the stunning success of Vincent River, our 2020 production of Philip Ridley’s beautiful play, we at The Curators’ Theatre have been working hard to once more shine our light on another world class play that challengesentertains and captivates.

A play especially for you! 

Vive les Revolutionists!  

In March, American playwright, Lauren Gunderson’s loveable, girl-powered comedy, The Revolutionists, storms not only the Bastille but into Brisbane for its Australian Premiere Production. Set in Paris, in 1793, during the Reign of Terror, four courageous women; a writer, a freedom fighter, a queen and an assassin, give the French Revolution a 'woman’s touch’.

Irreverent. Witty. Thought-provoking. The Revolutionists sheds a different light on History, exploring its erasure of women and the power of both the artist and the pen to lead the charge against injustice and inequality. 

Never has a playwright needed her characters as much as her characters have needed a playwright! 

In this ‘grand and dream-tweaked comedy’ The Revolutionists fractures time, dramatic structure, fact and fiction to comment on all that contemporary audiences are so deeply familiar; violence, legacy, feminism, terrorism, courage, art and activism. 

It is never too late to frock-up and sing-out-loud!  Join us for this meta-theatrical tour de force about changing the world. A sassy, badass play not to be missed! 

Faites briller votre lumière à travers le théâtre. Liberté. Égalité. Sororité.


The entire TCT Team.

ARC Acting Studio



The ARC Studio is a safe place where every person can enhance their individual agency for growth and change, extend their artistic reach and discover the depths of their personal spirit through artistic practice. In a world that is still dealing with COVID-19, nothing could be more vital.

The ARC Acting Studio commences its 4th year of operation in early Februrary 2021.  Applying the best principles of COVID-safe behaviour, The ARC Studio engages in the fundamental awareness of each human being as a specific soul on a journey.  We celebrate diversity and individuality and unlock the raw essence of each person, each actor and each being in a safe and supportive way whilst developing techniques and ways of performance that are suitable for stage, screen and new media.

Be a part of the wonderful revolution of the remaking of you. Find your way to become a storyteller, a connector, an empowerer of yourself and of others through your connection to yourself, to the story, the text and your fellow artists and the audience.

Unlock your potential through an acting craft that has a lineage that stretches back to the great masters but also looks forward into new ways of being.

From the later methodologies of uber wunderkind Stanislavsky, the visionary beliefs of Vakhtangov and Michael Chekhov, The ARC Acting Studio at its various levels offers you the opportunity to develop your own personal craft or performance technique.

Explore the concept of "isness": a personal authenticity and a way of being in the now, of a real internal connection and presence that is both personal, playful, performative and incredibly joyous.

Discover your role as a story teller, dreamer, believer, individualist!  Be seen for who you really are.

In a world that is still dealing with COVID-19, ARC Acting Workshops offer adults a covid safe opportunity to engage in developing your personal voice, creativity, confidence and self-awareness through dynamic acting and performance workshops in a place of personal respect, adventure and self-esteem.

All classes occur in the magnificent, vintage venue, Christchurch, located in central Milton, at 9 Chippendall St, right next to Suncorp Stadium.  Free parking is available and it is close to Milton train station.

Living through one’s life is not like crossing through a field.
Old Russian proverb

Michael Beh has taught acting and drama for over 25 years as well as directing over 55 productions. He was a Fulbright Fellow who has taught acting and theatre studies in the acclaimed Drama Department at Carnegie Melon University, USA (ranked as one of the top University Drama Departments in the world), as well as at QUT and UQ. Michael has also trained with the Moscow Arts Theatre School and world renowned artists Adolf Shapiro, Mladen Kiselov, Anne Bogart, Mike Alfreds, Augusto Boal, Diane Cilento and Frank Theatre. He has worked in professional, independent, university and education sectors as a director, writer, designer and dramaturg including Queensland Theatre, La Boite Theatre, Brisbane Festival, Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, heartBeast Theatre, City Theatre, Gyre Theatre and the Australian Acting Academy. Many of his past students have been accepted into university drama programs including the elite acting programs at NIDA, VCA, QUT, Griffith Con, Tisch School of the Arts/NYU (NYC), Circle in Square (NYC), Cal Arts (Los Angeles), RADA (London), Rose Bruford College (London), Royal Central School Speech and Drama (London) amongst others.

He continually works successfully one-on-one with actors in their preparation for auditions for roles on stage and screen.

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“The ARC Studio's Acting Workshops create a new ARC of opportunity for every person as an actor and as a private individual to MAGNIFY their HUMANITY.”

Develop your sense of self.

Develop your truth as a storyteller.

Discover your real voice and physical body.

Develop your personal and performance presence.

Develop a strong set of highly transferable skills.

Develop dynamic acting techniques that are suitable for stage and screen alike.

Become a strong, independent actor - performer - presenter - person.


“Michael opens a magical door to a rich world of fantasy, storytelling and emotion.."

"I can’t recommend this enough...."

“The ARC Program is a must..."

Regular Classes

ARC Acting Studio: Masters Ensemble

In 2021, our Monday afternoon Seniors Workshop explores acting in the style of realism with a public performance of a classic text, staged in late September, at the end of Term 3.

New students welcome. No previous experience required.


ARC Acting Studio: Actors Laboratory

This exciting Monday night program empowers and enables new and emerging actors through workshop and scene studiesPlease be prepared to be involved in dynamic, creative improvisation, voice and movement exercises, and introductory text to stage work.

New students welcome. No previous experience required.


ARC Acting Studio: Professional Training Ensemble

Our dynamic Professional Training Ensemble continues on a Tuesday evening.

This conservatoire-like program is a semester long commitment with a public performance in late June.  It will involve extra class commitment in Term 2 (late April  – June) on select weekend times.

Entry by application, show reel or work in previous classes.


ARC Acting Studio: Wednesday Shorts

A series of short workshops (4 – 6 weeks in duration) will be offered throughout the year.More information coming soon.

Bespoke Classes

ARC Acting Studio: Bespoke 1-on-1

Make that audition wonderful. Embolden your personal craft.


ARC Acting Studio: Sunshine Masterclasses and Professional Training Ensemble

An AMAZING new program coming soon.


ARC Acting Studio: The Sunday Sessions

Professional Practice Directing Workshops coming soon.



ARC Acting Studio: The LUMEN Ensemble

The LUMEN ENSEMBLE is taking on new form in 2021 as a vehicle to not only run workshops for LGBTQI artists but stage productions on queer themes.  More information coming soon.


"Ghosts is innovative....outstanding. The show is not only exciting, but difficult to fault".
Meredith Walker

Who Are The Curators?

TCT creates new and re-imagined work. Our aesthetic combines text-based theatre with highly theatrical scenography to create visually dynamic live performance. Stylistically different, TCT strives for politically, artistically charged responses to the pressing themes underpinning our lives within twenty-first century, global culture. Described as evocative, unorthodox, innovative, outstanding, TCT works inter-generationally, bringing together emerging and senior artists to create performances that explore our shared humanity. We preference new works and existing dramatic works that address issues of marginalisation and under-representation in society. We value courage, boldness, collaboration, welcome, diversity, creativity and respect.

Co-founded by Michael Beh and Peter Crees in 2017, TCT has produced Uncle Vanya (Magda Artz), The Quighting Time (Anywhere Festival), The Third Beauty (Springhill Reservoir), Ghosts (Red Hill), and Vincent River (Christ Church, Milton). Core members include Michael Beh, Adrienne Costello, Peter Crees, Lisa Hickey, Amanda McErlean, Helen Strube, Libby Wherrett, with associate artists Warwick Comber, Lauren Roche, Bethany Scott, and Patrick Shearer.

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