ARC - Adult Acting Workshops - Brisbane

Beginning on Monday 5 February...

Adult Acting Workshops

Become a part of a unique training community that explores creativity and performance, run by Michael Beh.


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  • Adult Acting Workshops create a new ARC of opportunity
  • Discover your real voice. Engage with who you really are. Be personally fulfilled
  • Become a strong, independent performer/presenter/person


Commencing on Monday night 5 February for 8 weeks
Magda Community Artz
80 Boundary Rd, Bardon

ARC - Adult Acting Workshops - Brisbane
Living through one’s life is not like crossing through a field.
Old Russian proverb

Our last event...


by Anton Chekhov

Adapted & directed by Michael Beh

18-Aug to 2-Sept 2017
Magda Community Artz
80 Boundary Rd, Bardon

a modern performance packed with laugh-out-loud and emotionally-charged moments.

Photography by Bec Taylor Photography

an awesome night of, detailed and evocative!


Sherri Smith

Sonia (a plain, youngish woman)

David Paterson

Vanya (Sonia’s uncle)

Warwick Comber

Serabryakov (Sonia’s father)

Lisa Hickey

Yelena (Sonia’s stepmother)

Renaud Jadin

Astrov (Sonia’s dream date)

Jan Nary

Nanny (Sonia’s nanny)

Amanda McErlean

Mdme Voinitskaya (Sonia’s grandmother)

Brent Schon

Telegin (Sonia’s godfather)


Michael Beh


Peter Crees

Producer/Sound Designer

Emily Allen

Lighting Designer

Mark Richardson

Stage/Production Manager

Jacob Hoopert

Assistant Stage Manager

Paige Williams

Technical Crew

Helen Strube

Artistic Associate


On a Russian estate, somewhere south of St Petersburg, sometime between 1895 and today, Ivan Petrovich is feeling glum. Sofia Alexandrovna’s usual stern self has suddenly turned a little frisky and there is tension in the air between Yelena (what a goddess!) and Aleksandr which is not helped by the intrusions of Mikhail Lvovich and his talk of love.


This adaptation by Michael Beh of Anton Chekhov’s classic 1897 play promises a lush and gorgeous evening of unrequited love and inconceivably poor marksmanship.


Better hide the vodka.



We are independent, professional artists working together to bring classical theatre to new life.

Our name is derived from a broad take on the concept of curation, a word born of the Latin for “one who cares”. Because we do.